Ginseng Berry Product[INQ. NO. 1805C23] Ginseng Berry Korea manufactures products made from ginseng fruit. Focusing on the efficacy of ginseng fruit, the company is devoted to R&D to deliver deep and rich flavor and efficacy through its own special production processes.
Ginseng Berry K is made from high-quality ginseng fruits harvested only for a week once every four years. Higher in saponin content than roots, Ginseng fruit helps to ease fatigue and improve immunity and is effective in promotingblood circulation and slowing down aging. It also helps improve cardiovascular health and sexual function. The pouch type product comes in Gold and Mild.

The Mild, in particular, contains a whole Ginseng from the root to the fruit. It is available in a single stick pack with Ginseng concentrate for an easy carry and also in Vitamin tablets or pills to mitigate the bitter taste.
In addition, the mask pack containing 3000 ppm of Ginseng fruit extract is made of microfiber fabric and has excellent adhesion. It is also certified for its whitening and wrinkle improving efficacies. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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