Personal Care & Makeup Products

Personal Care & Makeup Products[INQ. NO. 1802C26] Riju World International Co. offers a variety of brands to serve various retail beauty chains and distributing channels. The company has been working on Korean cosmetics for ten years developing new and innovative products, manufacturing a variety of private label products, and exporting well-known Korean brands to overseas markets.
ONE Foundation (One Drop Miracle) is Riju World International’s brand. SPF27 PA ++ has various shades offering a perfect match to one’s skin. It is a weightless and ultra-fine fit to maintain a natural makeup all day giving a feeling as if nothing is on the face. This lightweight foundation brings a feel of a natural skin as if no makeup is worn.
It is waterproof and lasts for 12 hours, thus being ideal for daily use. The natural oil hydrates the skin throughout the day and enables the powder to blend on flawlessly. The micro-sebum powder helps treat skin with anti-aging benefits and give a more youthful & shiny radiance. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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