Environmentally Friendly Silicon Cup

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1803C16] Established in 1994, Myung Sung Inc. specializes in manufacturing and distributing wireless household electric appliances, auxiliary batteries, and silicon-made products, and importing and exporting corporate promotion materials at retail and wholesale prices. It leads the market based on reasonable prices through producing and distributing goods both at home and abroad by considering the top-quality products and providing after-sales services.
Made of KCC silicon, an environmentally friendly material approved by FDA, ECCO 701 is a safe and sanitary mug. It is also made of platinum catalyst harmless to the human body with no smell.
It has excellent durability of 70-degree hardness and with this product, cleansing can be done just with water and detergent. After keeping a drink in it, the container is not destroyed or modified despite storage in a freezer. It can also be used in a microwave, an oven, or boiling water, and sterilized just in a microwave.
Enjoy ECCO 701 in your office or take-out coffee shop rather than disposable paper cups and help keep the earth clean.


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