Fashionable Backpack for Pets

Fashionable Backpack for Pets[INQ. NO. 1803C02] HIBLAFF produces bags for pets, natural care products, and handmade furniture. Under the slogan “Transforming Designs for Pets,” the company produces and designs nature-friendly and long-lasting wood products, unique and creative bags, and natural care products. It is the objective of HIBLAFF to share its message and designs through the products as a medium.
Urban T. Backpack produced by HIBLAFF is designed for the comfortable transportation of pets. By using the reinforcing material throughout the entire bag, it gives a comfortable feeling when transporting pets. And equipped with a mesh window on the front and side, it offers excellent ventilation and the ample storage space and D ring makes it efficient to carry pet supplies.
The inside of the bag is equipped with a double safety strap that can be connected to the leash, enabling the user to carry two dogs. Unlike the existing mobile bags for pets, Urban T. Backpack has a cover on the front part that adds difference in design. Using the enclosed strap, it can be connected to the headrest of the vehicle seat and the bag, so can be carried around safely in a vehicle. Urban T. Backpack comes in a carrier size that can be boarded on an airplane. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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