Gel-Type Eye Patches

Gel-Type Eye Patches[INQ. NO. 1803C39] L2L Global is a cosmetics distributor established in 2016 and has been exporting cosmetics that are recognized worldwide. In cooperation with Japan LS Corporation, L2L Global took part in the planning of the high-functional cosmetics brand, YAWAR and launched its own brand, Rearar NOWB.
IYOUB Hydrogel Eye Patch is a gel-type eye patch that brightens the surrounding skin of the eyes, tired of external stimuli. Rose Hydrogel Eye Patch contains Bulgarian rose ingredients and ruby powder to help moisturize and brighten the skin and protect the eyes. Marine Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch contains seven seaweed extracts that hydrates and nourishes dry eye skin and adds a sheen to the slimy skin with a pearl extract. Sea Bird’s Nest Hydrogel Eye Patch contains sea bird’s nest extract and hyaluronic acid to form a thin coating on the skin, protecting the skin from external stimuli and preventing dryness. Shea Butter Hydrogel Eye Patch brings brightness and moisture around the eyes. Pro-Vitamin B5, a Panthenol ingredient, helps calm the skin.
To date, a total of eight IYOUB hydrogel eye patches have been introduced. L2L Global is under research and development to launch a wide range of products including aftershaves, lotions, cream sets, eye creams, base makeup products, and plans to increase the product lines to 30 items a year. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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