Cosmetics with Skin Barrier Function

Cosmetics with Skin Barrier Function[INQ. NO. 1804C05] Skinmed Co., Ltd. consists of highly qualified dermatology professors and researchers from prestigious colleges such as KAIST and Daejeon University, specializing in formulating and developing several popular cosmetics in Korea. SKINMED combines all the know-how of the developers in dermatology and the active components, which are science-based, developed by core researchers in biotechnology and Oriental medicine. By developing high functional cosmetics, it has shown significant results for atopy and acne, besides whitening, wrinkles and moisturizing.
Ph.Drop is a skincare brand for clinics and hospitals. Ph.Drop Filaggrin series uses Filaggrin, a filament-associated protein that binds to keratin fibers in epithelial cells, Ph.Drop’s fl agship product line designed to provide care for not only problemfree skin but also damaged and fragile skin barrier. This product has been created through Skinmed’s extensive research efforts. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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