Naturally-processed Health Foods[INQ. NO. 1804C19] Jeongdream Ginger Sauce produced by Jeongdream contains 50% ginger extract but with no sharp taste. Containing ample amounts of ginger juice, it may still feel watery even when it is boiled to over 80 brix, which indicates high-quality ginger juice. In addition, the malt which is essential for grain syrup is cultivated in a traditional way by using Korean hulled barley. It is recommended to take a spoonful two or three times a day after meals.
Jeongdream Steamed Ginger Powder has an effect of increasing body temperature. Generally, ginger is inconvenient to eat and easily spoiled, whereas the steamed ginger powder is steamed at a temperature of 90 degrees C to reduce the hot spice and increase the amount of shogaols, a medicinal property of ginger, by ten times, making it easy to eat and beneficial to the human body. It is recommended to take it with warm water three to five times per day.
Jeongdream Walnut Oil is produced by steaming and drying walnuts with rice three times for three days to remove the toxicity of walnut before milking low-temperature pressed walnut oil. This is to produce walnut oil with zero benzopyran carcinogens. It is recommended to take a spoonful two or three times per day. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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