Functional Beauty Equipment[INQ. NO. 1804C32] KB International is engaged in the export of cosmetics and beauty equipment to China, Russia, and Turkey based on a stable supply network of medical equipment established by partnering with famous domestic pharmaceutical copanies such as Huons, Dongkook Co., Ltd, and Medytox. In addition, the company is continuously expanding its product line based on stem cell culture fluid and functional cosmetics, while strengthening its position as a global company. In Russia, KB International opened a micro cosmetic academy for Botox, fillers, and V-line treatment in partnership with Medical Estate Group.
RE:Q contains over 130 growth factors such as EGF, HGF, and VEGF in the human body, featuring excellent wrinkle, whitening, and regenerating effects. It is also effective for the formation of V-line and removal of fat on the jaws and cheeks. Also used for the temporary improvement of skin moisturization and facial tone, and osteoarthritis of the knee joints, RE:Q allows precise infusion, while significantly mitigating pain and wounds with enhanced safety. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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