Instant Hair Color & Various Cosmetics

Instant Hair Color & Various Cosmetics[INQ. NO. 1805C14] KIRIN Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of functional cosmetic and cosmetics. Its major products are functional cosmetics (hair dyes, women’s cleansers), hair care products (hair perm, treatment, cleansers), body care products (cleansers, lotions, toners), various functional cosmetics such as mask packs, and skin essence. The company exports more than 60% of its products to the USA, the EU, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In particular, it exported its 1-Minute Patented Hair Dye to the EU in 2008 for the first time in the Korean hair dyeing industry.
Its representative product is the ASSANTA Hair color series. Assanta 1 Minute hair color cream 60g gives very mild, soft, and cool feeling due to no-ammonia and natural vegetable extracts including aloe vera gel.
Assanta Gold 1 minute hair color cream 40g is mild and gentle cream type and is easy to color hair for one minute. It helps hair turn smoother and milder after coloring due to ammonia-free and botanical extracts (green tea extract, olive oil, aloe vera gel, calamus root extracts).
Assanta Speedy 1 minute bubble hair color 40ml, by using a patented technology, quickly colors the hair with Bubble Ae 1 min Hair Color, so it reduces damage to the hair and scalp. Natural extracts that protect the hair can ensure smooth and glossy hair after coloring. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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