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August 10, 2018

Cosmetics from Traditional Herbal Medicine skin syndromes that were treated as intractable diseases are now approached anew using quantum medicine and traditional bioenergetics medicine. In particular, atopy syndrome is included in the abovementioned syndromes. It is hard to understand how much pain and agony atopy brings if it is not experienced personally. Nowadays it is being approached by the completely cured management concept.
ATOMEMO was developed precisely from the understanding of the necessity for functional cosmetics that combine no side effects despite long-term use, ecofriendliness and the best available natural ingredients. ATOMEMO, a natural composition, is made from Oriental herbal ingredients, minerals, and deep sea water from the East Sea of Korea by applying fermentation technology and modern nanotechnology to provide the skin with nutrients and four essential minerals for the human body. It is absorbed smoothly, as well as maintaining high moisturizing power after use.
Based on fermentation science, ATOMEMO promotes the penetration of natural substances through depolymerization of natural substances, and incorporates hypostimulation, and prevents itching by using amino acids and minerals similar to natural skin moisturizing factors. By using deep sea water, the oxidation is minimized even when used for an extended period of time. As part of its complex functions, ATOMEMO prevents skin dryness and itching, improves antioxidant effects and bacterial immunity, strengthens skin moisturizing effects, and enlivens the skin. Meanwhile, the strengthened natural substances satisfy consumers’ needs.
E.W Naturopathy Laboratory (EWNL) is developing a new paradigm to heal various skin syndromes considered as refractory diseases by enhancing natural healing power and immunity by approaching them from the perspective of quantum medicine and traditional medicine. The company has developed ATOMEMO, a functional cosmetics, in response to the recent health and wellness trend. In order to maximize its efficacy and effectiveness, fermentation technology has been applied.

The developer himself suffered from atopy syndrome for five years. After visiting all of the famous hospitals for treatment and trying all of the available therapy methods to no avail, he dedicated himself to seeking a cure. ATOMEMO and its patent registration are the fruits of his efforts.
Having an industry-university-institute collaboration with Gangneung Yeongdong College and the Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR), EWNL will hold an Atopy Research Center Experience Class in collaboration with the director of the Sozam Oriental Medicine Clinic in Kangnam, Seoul. This event will be the first attempt in Korea to experience atopic management through genetic analysis. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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