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Peeling Pad | Korean Products

September 27, 2018

Peeling Pad Formula Two Two 22 Beauty Pads are highly functional fusion cosmetics composed of tools and programs designed to make skin care easier by rubbing with the essence of the beauty pads. They are easy to use, and high-value-added disposable fusion cosmetics consisting of two steps for optimum skincare.
This is an affordable and disposable product for people of all ages from all over the world who are interested in skincare. It is useful at home, for travel, business trips, important meetings, and for various other purposes. Wish Formula Two Two 22 Beauty Pads are disposable multifunctional cosmetics that other cosmetics companies worldwide are competing to develop.
The 1st step pad gently exfoliates while the 2nd step pad provides nutrition, moisturizing, and vitreous care.
COTTERANG Inc. is a bio-venture company specializing in researching and developing exclusively skin functional cosmetics based on special fermentation science. Its functional cosmetics brand Wish Formula Two Two 22 Beauty Pad is supplied to more than 1,000 renowned dermatology hospitals.
This specialized cosmetics company is engaged in the development of the home spa and value-added products based on various patents, which makes it possible to easily manage skin by using the high-functional pads that have not been previously available. The main products of COTTERANG are filling pads, ample pads, and beauty pad series.
Currently, its products are exported to the USA, Canada, Russia, and countries in Europe and Southeast Asia, etc. In the USA, in particular, they are highly popular and sold at retailers such as Barneys New York Inc. and ULTA. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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