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October 18, 2018

Auto-Sensing Conveyor Date Marking Machine[INQ. NO. 1807M01] Goodprice’s auto-sensing conveyor date marking machine moves the container, when laid on the left side of the top conveyor, to the right automatically. One container is recognized by a motion sensor and is stamped with inkjet printer. Marking is available anywhere, including circular containers, top or side of a bottle, side of the rectangular container, etc.
It is possible to mark date (numeric figures) like manufacturing date, expiration date, English alphabet, logo, barcode, etc. The automatic conveyor is speed adjustable in 10 steps and has a guide for width adjustment.
220V general electricity is used for power and electricity consumption is 90w. This product moves up to 20 meters per minute. The total size of the conveyor is 1500mm in length, 250mm in width and 720mm in height (the height of guide: 20cm). The inkjet marking machine is fixed on a tripod and the maximum usable height is 500 ~ 1550mm. This product consists of inkjet marking machine set and conveyor and each part can be used individually.
Goodprice specializes in manufacturing, importing and supplying various food machines, filling machines, mixers, blenders and various packing machines. Goodprice’s products are designed in a simple yet intuitive structure and are available at a reasonable price. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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