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October 18, 2018

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 1807M32] Dae Gyeong Ace Tech is one of the most competent company that can design and manufacture precision press and injection molds, electronic and electricity components, connectors, and sockets.
Dae Gyeong Ace Tech always works for the maximum profit of the customers. This company conducts wide range of R&D activities in partnership with universities like the Chonnam National University, Chosun University, and Sunchon University, etc., as well as variety of research institutes like the Korea Photonics Technology Institue, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, and Korea Electronics Technology Institutes, etc.
Dae Gyeong Ace Tech’s R&D sectors includes automobiles, next generation electronic devices, electric cars, and clean diesel vehicles, committing itself to the development of quality components in close relationships with relevant governmental organizations like the SMBA and contributing to the development of local community.


R.O.V (Roll over valve)

Roll over valve is a functional valve that suppresses formation of pressure and negative pressure in the fuel tank by releasing excessive HC gas to the outside. The R.O.V blocks fuel leakage into combustion engines when the vehicle is tilted or turned over.



Terminal Assembly

Terminal assembly is a kind of thermal assembly insert molding product that connects to the electrode from the alternator in automobiles and internal combustion engines, or to diodes of rectifiers, to convert AC to DC.


Regulator Housing (Insert molding)

Regulator housing (insert molding) can make molded products by integrating plastics and other components (metal, cables, and PCBs, etc.) within a mold to make high value-added products that has properties of metal and plastic.
Dae Gyeong Ace Tech is also the manufacturer of automobile components for after-market. Halogen lamp line-ups include H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H10, H11, H13, H16, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 9011, 9012, 800 Series, with clear(standard, long life, heavy duty), coating(super white), and yellow lamps. Dae Gyeong Ace Tech also manufactures variety of filters (oil/air/cabin filters), shock absorbers, and water pumps.

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