Grooved End Butterfly Valve with UL, FM[INQ. NO. 1809M01] By coating the disc with EPDM rubber ‘elastic body’ the restitutive power of this grooved end butterfly valve (BO-G310) between the valve’s body and rubber helps to maintain air tightness. A disc rotates 90 degrees to control the fluid in motion, maintaining high responsiveness under operations with low friction loss and low torque.
Fast operation is possible thanks to simplified opening/closing processes. This valve is applicable to control of low/high-pressure water. It is mostly used for firefighting pipelines and industrial water lines.
It is designed for use in fire protection systems where a visual indication is required as to whether the valve is open or closed. It has grooved inlet and outlet connections that are suitable for use with grooved end pipe couplings that are listed and approved for fire protection systems.
The supervisory switches transfer their electrical contacts when there is movement from the normally open or normally closed disc position during the first two turns of the hand wheel. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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