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October 22, 2018

Construction Equipment & Components Corporation is a leading exporter of secondhand and new construction equipment.
Equipment it provides includes excavators, wheel loaders, truck cranes, crawler cranes, dozers, crawler drills, concrete pumps, dump trucks, crushers, concrete batching plant, cement-block making plant, and so forth. Sungsan is supplying equipment to worldwide famous brands including Doosan, Hyundai, Volvo, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Tadano, Kato, Liebherr, Demag, and Kobelco.
Also, Sungsan is providing rollers, idlers, pumps, teeth, valves, and filters together.
Since it started international business in 1991, Sungsan has gained much experience in providing high-quality superior construction equipment at competitive prices, and will respond to all inquiries.


Excavators are used in construction sites mainly to excavate ground or transport excavated soil, and there are two types: the crawler type and the wheel type. Its work capacity depends on the bucket size and the equipment weight, and it is used diversely from 0.1CBM to 10.0CBM in bucket size and from 1 ton to 200 tons in equipment weight according to the site conditions. Furthermore, a braker that excavates rocks or a clamp that holds heavy stuff can be mounted instead of a bucket for use in other purposes.



This equipment is used in work sites to lift or take down stuff, and comes in truck type and crawler type. Truck type can be divided by working conditions into rough terrain, all terrain, and truck crane mounted on a truck. Its work capacity depends on lifting weight and moving distance (boom length). Lifting weight varies from 1 ton to 3,000 tones, and usually 20~200-ton class isused in work sites. Boom length varies from 10 meters to 500 meters, and usually 20~100-meter class is used.


Dump Trucks

This special vehicle is designed to be tilted backward when the bottom of the bed is lifted so as to handle the load on the vehicle at one go. This truck loads and transports gravels, sand, coals, wastes, and the like, its load capacity is vary from 1~200 tons, and usually 15-ton and 25-ton classes are being exported. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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