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October 26, 2018

Brake Parts Co., Ltd. is the oldest domestic company that manufactures and sells aluminum forged calipers for the after market with domestic technology, possessing over 15 years of automobile brake related specialized techniques, and has gained a high degree of recognition for its high performance brake product line in the domestic automobile after market.
Stolz’s SFZ 6P and SFZ 4P are part of the luxury premium line SFZ series famous for their impressive performance, and designed to optimize weight lightening and durability using forged aluminum alloy. Also, this model realizes elegant and slim design with cutting edge 3D design and precision processing method, and aggressively brakes away from spatial limitation in automobiles. With a brake system applicable to the front and the rear, 4/6 piston is employed for higher brake performance. Stolz Brake features luxurious design and outstanding brake performance, so you can discover its superior technical power.



Calipers, designed to be stiffand lightweight, use forged aluminum alloy for set components and double-acting (both side) cylinder type. It provides complete braking control before the antilock brake system (ABS) is activated. It also provides a braking force that depends on the depth of the pedal and delays reaching the critical point. The machining process of the MCT that uses a forged billet and a stepped air radiation fin that considers heat dissipation are used to increase the cooling efficiency. The triple groove dust seal is used to prevent the entry of foreign substances. It is formed through a MCT Machining Center, differentiated from casting production which is an advantage of low production cost (makes the molten material pour into the die). It is 100% compatible with all electronic devices including OE ABS.



Pad maintains the constant friction coefficient for repetitive braking at high temperature and features excellent safety. It minimizes noise by installing a vibrational absorption plate.
Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) compound technology, which reduces the content of steel (the causes of brake noise and dust), is applied to the pad. It minimizes disc damage caused by brake friction materials.



Bracket is optimally designed for each model using the same forged aluminum alloys that were used in the caliper. It is also designed to withstand about 1.5 times of fatigue failure and maximum stiffness. The curved surfaces of the 3-D design are formed by the MCT. It absorbs vibrations that were caused by the operation of the caliper, and the special spring washer is mounted to prevent the loosening of the bolt. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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