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October 26, 2018

Gear Cutting Tools Corporation, established in 1976, is a company manufacturing and selling cutting tools, such as hob cutters, shaper cutters, broach cutters, etc., which operate the transmission gears for automobiles; and the gear which is a core mechanical element for the power transmission and is essentially installed in various industries including the shipbuilding, heavy industry, wind power generation, agricultural machines and aviation industries.
DTR has localized the gear cutting hob, which had depended entirely on imports, for the first time in Korea and has steadily been investing in facilities and R&D for the past 40 years and, as a result, occupies more than around 80% of the market share in Korea. DTR has been exporting to more than 30 countries including Japan, the USA, European nations, and China and is expanding its global marketsteadily while standing side by side with its advanced competitors. The company aims to be a world-class company leading the industry as well as meet the latest needs of its customers.
Hob Cutter, a flagship product of DTR, is a gear cutting tool that machines the outer gear and is a generating tool of which the cutting edge is made on the flute cut on the worm, which requires the high-precision technology of micron level. It is an optimal tool for mass-producing precision gears and is used in all the industrial fields requiring power transmission. Through ceaseless research and development of new material and new coating for cycle-time shortening by high-speed machining and for eco-friendly machining by oil reduction
Shaper Cutter is a gear cutting tool which machines shoulder or inner gear, and DTR produces cutters for dry cut besides wet cut and various special type of cutters for combined gears etc.
Broach Cutter is a cutting tool which can produce components in a short time at high speed and mass production regardless of the workers’ skill. DTR produces various type of broaches for internal & surface broaching. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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