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Precision Castings | Korean Products

October 26, 2018

Precision Castings Precision Co.,Ltd. is a precision casting company established in 2000, manufacturing products used in automobile, shipping, aviation and general industrial machines with the most recent facilities and the best technology for exporting as well as meeting domestic demand.
In particular, Hyunwoo Precision manufactures products with the lost wax method which provides better mechanical properties than other manufacturing method and demonstrates uniformed quality and high dimensional precision, therefore it can produce and supply even complicatedly shaped parts in various fields. Hyunwoo Precision is a company for parts and does not produce completed products, but it can do processing and assembling if required in Korea.
Hyunwoo Precision provides parts mainly in the automobile, aircraft, and defense industries.
The inner plunger is one of the parts in a differential gear that rotates both sides of the gear at different speeds when a car turns a curve for smooth operation. It is sub-assembled after delivery to the customer and then delivered to the Ford Motor Company. The fork shift component, fitted to the transfer case of a 4-wheel drive vehicle, is a part used in the actuator that performs connecting and blocking power for transmission gears while the torque moves forward and backward.
Hyunwoo Precision produces and delivers brake parts for combat planes T-50, F-15, and F-16, and delivers disk brake parts by machining after precision casting for the metal parts. For civil aircraft, the company is producing brake parts for Canadian mid-sized civil aircraft CL-601, and plans to develop brake parts for CL-604.
Also, Hyunwoo Precision produces and supplies ring mounts and swing mounts that are used in armored vehicles. Ring mount is a part in the area where a soldier holds a machine gun and shoots while manually operating an armored vehicle, while swing mount is a part to mount a machine gun in armored vehicles. A total of 1,100 ring mounts (16 types) are planned to be produced and deployed as a part of the Hawkei Project, a project for light infantry vehicles for Australia, and will be delivered according to a defined schedule over three years from now.
Hyunwoo Precision has exported to Australia for over 10 years, and supplies parts for the Hawkei project, a big project for new armored vehicles. In addition, the company is recently focusing on business expansion, participating in many businesses including IKMP and business consultation organized in the USA and Vietnam in order to advance into bigger overseas markets. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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