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October 26, 2018

Rubber & Synthetic Resin Products TECH produces all kinds of rubber products (including extruded products and press products) and synthetic resin products (extruded products and injection products) and is striving to standardize and stabilize the quality based on ISO9001 and SQ quality manual.
By introducing automated processes and new manufacturing technology, the company is securing the quality assurance system such as stable supply of the product. DAEYANG TECH possesses the best technology and always ceaselessly endeavors to develop new products with a new spirit of challenge.


Weather Strip & Gasket (Patent No. 10-1258723)

The single, double and triple weather strip made of solid rubber, sponge rubber and metal pin are products requiring the best technology for soundproof, waterproof, windproof and vibration proof. This product is used as gasket for the car glass, interior, exterior, construction and building (including the curtain wall).


ELASTOMER, PA(Polyamide), ASA, ABS, etc.

DaeYang Tech produces automobile, electronic, construction and industrial products that required by customers including heat resistance oil resistance, cold resistance, impact resistance and abrasion resistance by continuously extruding thermoplastic materials with excellent processability.


Extrusion and Molding of Silicon Rubber

Silicon rubber is a high-elasticity insulator with excellent heat-resistance, cold-resistance and non-toxicity, and, it is harmless to the human body, so this product is widely used for food machinery and medical applications. By extruding and molding the solid and sponge material, the company can supply various products.


Packaging & Gaskets

Using material with excellent oil-resistance, heat-resistance, cold-resistance, abrasion-resistance, chemicals-resistance and elasticity, the company is securing the capacity for designing, developing and mass-producing the product meeting customers’ requirements.


Super Ring (Utility Model Registration No. 0168774)

Super Ring completely blocks pollution caused by leakages of sewage and helps create a pleasant living environment by preventing the soil pollution.



Subsidiary Materials for Insulation

This product provides you with a one-stop solution for maintaining insulation, and it is waterproof and gas tight, solving the problem of moisture condensation as well as perfect blocking any fine dust. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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