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October 26, 2018[INQ. NO. 1809M02] KUKJE MACHINERY Co., Ltd. is supplying BRANSON tractors worldwide including to clients in Germany, France, Portugal, Australia, the Philippines and the local subsidiary in the USA. In particular, KUKJE MACHINERY supplies more than 500 tractors to Germany reinforced the service network in Europe with the establishment of a parts center.
KUKJE MACHINERY supplies various tractors ranging from 20 to 100 horsepower and is actively producing customized tractors according to the work situation of each country.
With its plan of launching a new tractor of high horsepower (75-95hp) in the second half of this year, it will be able to meet consumer needs all the better. It is producing the products becoming a great addition to farms with the quality as excellent as that of the Japanese products and at reasonable prices. Particularly, in the 50-horsepower tractors, the quality of its products is excellent. With operation of the on-line A/S system, the company can provide the parts instantaneously.
Since its establishment in 1968, KUKJE MACHINERY has been performing the leading role in farm mechanization in South Korea. Based on ceaseless development of technology and human resources, and enhancement of product competitiveness, the company is devoting all its energy into winning the hearts and minds of customers. Based on ‘Branson,’ its local subsidiary in the USA incorporated in 2003, the company is establishing itself as a global enterprise by exporting agricultural equipment worldwide including to clients in China and other Asian nations, as well as the USA and Europe.
KUKJE MACHINERY produces and supplies diesel engines ranging from 18 to 100 horsepower for the first time in Korea and exports them worldwide after obtaining the certification of TIER 4 which is the regulated value of EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) in the diesel engine sector. In terms of tractors, it provides its customers with products with various tractor lineups ranging from 21 horsepower to 100 horsepower. In addition, the company is equipped with a range of combine harvesters from 4-row to 6-row and has developed a diesel rice transplanter for the first time in Korea, leading the advanced culture of agricultural machines.
Recently, KUKJE MACHINERY has won the prize in the Korea Customer Quality Satisfaction Awards sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and has won the Gold Level Status Award for three consecutive years in the USA in the dealer satisfaction evaluation in the agricultural machinery. The company further strives to be excellent in manufacturing of higher competitive products both in quality and price. And also it plans to produce products used globally, and popular among users all around the world, thereby growing as an enterprise representing the world’s agricultural machinery industry. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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