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November 8, 2018

Ampule & Skincare Products[INQ. NO. 1811C10] Ampulogy Rx is a personalizable skincare ampule product, which brings very fast skin improvement result. The six highly concentrated ampules are firming, clarification, sebum control, moisturization, pore control, and brightening of the skin. Users can mix the six ampules together and create their own multi-functional skincare formula. Ampulogy can also be mixed with variety of cosmetics such as cream, moisturizer, and make-up foundation. This K-beauty style multi-step skincare can be so simple and time-saving after creating a customized skincare mixture with Ampulogy. Every ampule contains patented complex while all the ingredients are safe and healthy (EWG Green grade). Ampulogy was selected as one of the hit 500 products of Korea and awarded 2018 the most innovative beauty company in Korea.

Skinmessage, Inc. is the K-beauty subsidiary company of Bizinone, Inc. With is motto of “Personalization of Skincare Solution and Products to Human Skin,” Skinmessage owns various skincare brands such as customizable skincare ampules, Ampulogy, in particular, is exported as leading K-beauty products to more than ten countries worldwide. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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