Collagen Cosmetics

Collagen Cosmetics[INQ. NO. 1811C07] One of the components of complex collagen is collagen from pig skin, which has been popular for its skincare efficacy as it was even introduced in Donguibogam: (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine). Extracted from marine organisms, the marine collagen is absorbed deep into the skin as it is a low molecular weight super particle. It is a very popular ingredient in Japan.
d”sob Gold Collagen Complex is a vegetable collagen that is skin-friendly and can be easily used. Consisting of two essences and creams, the collagen complex is combined with pure gold powder to cure the skin along with the outer skin.
In particular, d”sob is created to celebrate the 60th Year of the Golden Pig by adopting the concept of the Chinese zodiac. The Golden Pig symbolizes good fortune in the Greater China region including Korea. d”sob Gold Collagen Complex makes the skin shiny, and the Golden Pig symbol adds an elaborate appearance to the superb quality. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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