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November 16, 2018

Liquid Foundation & Serum[INQ. NO. 1811C17] One Drop Miracle Air Tint Foundation features a weightless, and ultrafine fit texture to offer natural makeup all day through. Providing a feeling as if nothing is on the face, it has a long-lasting effect and gives a flawless look to the skin. It also restores dull skin tone and keeps the skin bright and shiny with the sheer matte finish.
One Drop Miracle Air Tint Foundation won the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna Awards 2018 and has been a finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2018 as a new base makeup product, and registered in CPNP.
Single Drop Hydration Water Intensive Serum is an anti-aging water-based serum and a great moisturizer to boost hydration for smooth, supple skin all day. It deeply absorbs high concentrations of effective ingredients into the dermis and its small molecules penetrate instantly into the skin.
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