Personal Care Products

Personal Care Products[INQ. NO. 1811C16] Bubi Bubi Lip is an ungraded version of old physical exfoliations that softly uses bubbles to scrub the lips. Achieving the highest market share in Korea, this product has been launched at Tokyu Hands, Loft Japan, Urban Outfitters USA, and Watson’s Singapore.
Cha Cha toothpaste is a modernized global trend of charcoal-based oral products. It is famous as a bad breath remedy. From the success of Cha Cha toothpaste, the product line is expanding to charcoal toothbrushes, cleansing foam, shampoos, body cleansers, and face peeling gels.
LYCL Inc. (Unpa Cosmetics) develops exclusive cosmetics through communication and collaboration with one million members of Korea’s No.1 beauty-related social network.
The company produces Real Big Data Cosmetics by analyzing beauty-related keywords, skin tones, and types, consumer dates, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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