Natural Horse Oil Cream

Natural Horse Oil Cream[INQ. NO. 1811C20] Horse oil is a pure natural nutrition cream made by extracting horse oil and purifying it through a long-term aging process. It contains the most abundant (60% or more) unsaturated fatty acids compared with other animal oils and is very similar to the fatty acids constituting the human skin, thus being absorbed easily into the skin as it resembles the human skin. It also restores the moisture of dry and sagging skin to makes it moist and elastic.
MAYUNARA Horse Oil Cream is a nutritional cream made from naturally derived ingredients. This natural horse oil has various effects including revitalization, deep hydration, skin barrier improvement, and resilience.
Established in 2011, JEJUMAYU Co., Ltd. produces various horse oil-based cosmetic products. JEJUMAYU recently released its own brand MAYUNARA following intensive research and development based on the scientifically proven effectiveness of horse oil for relieving atopy and healing burnt skin. MAYUNARA consists of horse oil cream, essence, toner, and other cosmetic products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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