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Basic Skin Makeup Products | Korean Products

November 29, 2018

Basic Skin Makeup Products

GluCA® Clinic

This is an exclusive product for hospitals, pharmacies, and skin care shops, and is an ideal formula for resolving damage, sunburn, and aging skin. The GluCA® Self-RestorationTM and Ionic BalanceTM Formula Technology quickly restores damaged skin and keeps it healthy and revitalized.

GluCA® White

This product is an innovative formula for whitening, wrinkle improvement, and anti-aging. The natural whitening ingredients in GluCA® WhiteTM Formula Technology make skin tone even, clear, and transparent. In addition, GluCA® Restoration ™ Formula Technology helps improve wrinkles and aging skin, maintaining the skins natural moisturizing power.

GluCA® Skin Barrier

GluCA® Skin Barrier is a formula with a texture similar to the skin stratum corneum and is the ideal formula to combat dry and sensitive skin. GluCA® Ionic Balance ™ Formula Technology calcium and magnesium ion balance and active ingredients in natural extracts help restore damaged skin barrier. The formula of skin barrier created by the natural ceramide, phytosphingosine and phytosterol in GluCA® Skin Barrier™ Formula Technology helps to keep dry and dry skin in a healthy skin condition.

GluCA® Health & Beauty

GluCA® Health & Beauty is an innovative formula for oily, acne-prone, and problem-free skin, The sebum control complexTM formula controls and improves sebum while the antiinflammation complex TM formula improves acne, and provides antiinflammation and anti-bacterial function, thus helping maintain a variety of problem-free skin healthy and beautiful.
WICHEM Co., Ltd. develops a variety of medi-bio cosmetics with excellent effects on regeneration, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, antiacne, and moisturizing based on the stabilization and formulation technology of skin physiologically active substances derived from various bio and natural extract ingredients.
The company has contracted with excellent marketing and distributors for offline sales through department stores, dutyfree shops, drug stores, and various online products including Gmarket, Interpark, Kupang, Auction, and 11th Street.
Internationally, WICHEM has contracted with an excellent distribution companies in Southeast Asia such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam to supply products such as hospitals, drugstores, skin care shop, and so forth. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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