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Health Functional Food | Korean Products

November 29, 2018

Health Functional Food is a functional health food certified by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. PLAG, the main ingredient of Rockpid, is a naturally duplicated single compound which originally exists in natural deer antler. Unlike other ordinary health supplements, PLAG is both certified health supplement ingredient and new drug candidate for several applications in Korea and the USA, which is quite a rare case.
Rockpid has been clinically tested to improve immune modulation, hematopoiesis, and anti-inflammation. By stimulating hematopoietic stem cells, Rockpid raises the levels of White Blood Cells and platelets simultaneously. Rockpid also helps prevent hypersensitive responses by down-regulating Th2 (Type-2 T-helper cells) immunity and modulates the trafficking of circulating neutrophils. Since its launch, Rockpid has received remarkable responses from patients of cancer, hypersensitive responses, and other users wishing to maintain a healthy immune system. The product also has received several awards such as Korean Health Supplements awards 2017 (Area of immune improvement), Korea First Korea Best Awards 2017~2018 (Health Supplement).
Main sales channel includes its flagship store Rockpid Immune-station established in downtown Seoul and major general hospitals as well as prominent pharmacy chains in Korea. The company is about to export Rockpid to Singapore at the end of this year after finally receiving certification from the government agency. In addition, Vietnam is the next target country for export and Rockpid is undergoing certification processes at the moment. Market research has also revealed that there are highly unmet needs from health practitioners in both Singapore andVietnam who are willing to recommend Rockpid to patients of cancer, hypersensitive responses. Rockpid comes in with two types of packages; 120capsules/box, 60 capsules.
Enzychem Lifesciences Corporation, the enlisted company at KOSDAQ, is a Global New Drug Development Company that was founded on the basis of the most advanced life sciences and technologies of medicinal chemistry in July 1999. Enzychem Lifesciences is an innovative enterprise, marketing APIs both domestically and overseas. It has been developing global new drugs to treat chemotherapy-induced neutropenia, chemo-radiation therapy-induced oral mucositis, asthma, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, atopic dermatitis, sepsis, acute radiation syndrome, and other autoimmune disorders, utilizing EC-18 (PLAG, a substance naturally duplicated from deer antlers).
Enzychem also owns dozens of intellectual properties with regard to the processes and uses of EC-18, and the processes of first generic pharmaceutical ingredients. With its Global New Drug R&D center in Seoul and two GMP manufacturing plants in Seoul Korea, it has since been developing and producing APIs and functional health foods (Rockpid) and developing global new drugs as a leader in the field. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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