Beauty Device

In the beauty industry in South Korea, an impressive and innovative beauty device is drawing keen attention. Established in 2014, HD Korea recently released a new beauty device called MagicWavy, utilizing its own technology accumulated over 25 years in the beauty industry.


MagicWavy is a very impressive, state-of-the-art product that enables anyone to easily display the form of a curl without needing special technique, which was considered to be very difficult for someone who had no special techniques until now.


MagicWavy, composed of the body and the pulling bar, is designed to create up to ten forms of curls in only one time of operation, permitting anyone who has no special technique for this operation to form natural curls. Furthermore, with this product, users can display more varied hair forms than before, offering big benefits in their daily busy life.

HD Korea has already acquired patents for MagicWavy in South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Currently, the process for acquiring a patent in the United States is underway. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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