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Ceramic Coffee Cup Set

Cera-Stone Coffee Set is made using a special inlay technique on the handle of a coffee cup. The outside of the cup is polished to express the soothing glow and soft texture of the earth. The inside is glazed to ensure hygiene after washing it.
JIWOON is a manufacturer of handmade ceramic tableware and living accessories combining Gold

Ceramic Tiles

Mosaic Tile is cost-effective for decorating a wide wall that can be expressed in various shapes and colors and is not limited by space.
Printing Tile has digital images printed on the tile surface. By using ceramic printing,

Ceramic Tableware

HAEJEONG LEE’s Ceramics is a handmade ceramic brand made of white porcelain and high-quality glazes.
Made by using geometric elements such as points, lines, and faces, HAEJEONG LEE’s Ceramics is designed with engraved dots and embossed lines on

Ceramic Tableware

Nam Hee Kim Ceramics is an artistic dishware brand that serves functional and aesthetic purposes as well as operating a handicraft workshop developing glaze in various colors through handmade molding and handwork
Based on the theme of “Beauty of Things that are Fading Away,” Nam Hee Kim Ceramics expresses emptiness

Premium Niche Fragrances

GITANE is a fragrance brand developed for customers that uses exclusive materials for perfumes and fragrance bases. GITANE fragrance oils, consisting of synthetic fragrances and essential oils, are specially blended by professional perfumers

Ceramic Tableware

Hexagon is tableware with a modular shape that can be customized for various purposes. Coming in various colors, this product features delicate details including a moderate depth and round corners. It is made by using a self-developed glaze with carefully selected colors to match the trends and is also produced as

Anti Scattering Radiation Filter

MSLINE ENG. is a company specializing in manufacturing anti scattering radiation filter. The company was established in 2011 in order to improve the medical environment including hospitals, clinics, etc. and thus to enhance safety and convenience for

Beauty Device

In the beauty industry in South Korea, an impressive and innovative beauty device is drawing keen attention. Established in 2014, HD Korea recently released a new beauty device called MagicWavy, utilizing its own technology accumulated over 25 years in the beauty industry.
MagicWavy is a very impressive, state-of-the-art product that enables anyone to easily

Ultrasonic & Ultra High-Frequency Products

NuRi Technology has been professionally involved in the business of electronic parts and modules since its establishment in 2014. The major areas of its products are classified into antennas, parts for high frequency, ultrasonic sensors, and actuators.
With technologies of materials, circuit design, and piezo driving applied, it mainly produces small-sized products and convergence products. NuRi Technology fully

Korean-Style Coating Booth

The Korean-style coating booth from KaiiGroup is a product that does not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a major factor causing air pollution, at all in its auto repair shop. For this new version product, the existing filter system was

Dental Zirconia Block

U&C International has been manufacturing dental zirconia block for dental prosthetic treatment ever since its establishment in 2013. U&C International is currently taking the No. 1 position in the domestic market dominance and is exporting its products with reasonable prices to six nations including China.
U&C International’s dental zirconia block features more outstanding intensity than

Dental Ceramic Brackets

The C-line+ is a ceramic bracket launched in the market for the straightening of irregular teeth, which was jointly developed by BIOCETEC Co., Ltd. and the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology (KICET). This ceramic bracket is certified by K-GMP, Russian GOST-R, European CE, and the United