Ceramic Tableware


HAEJEONG LEE’s Ceramics is a handmade ceramic brand made of white porcelain and high-quality glazes.

Made by using geometric elements such as points, lines, and faces, HAEJEONG LEE’s Ceramics is designed with engraved dots and embossed lines on the exterior in binary (Morse code) to express good wishes, which can be a modern interpretation of the pattern of traditional potteries. The Point Series is designed with a binary code hidden in the bottom so that the message cannot be easily found. The Line Series may look like minimal tableware from a distance, while at a closer inspection, the intersecting lines display a pattern, creating a subtle difference in colors due to the difference in thickness of the glaze. The Morse code engraved on the bottom of the Morse Code Cup can be customized into another design for various purposes including as gift products.

HAEJEONG LEE’s Ceramics has received a great response through winning awards at competitions worldwide.

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