Ceramic Coffee Cup Set


Cera-Stone Coffee Set is made using a special inlay technique on the handle of a coffee cup. The outside of the cup is polished to express the soothing glow and soft texture of the earth. The inside is glazed to ensure hygiene after washing it.

JIWOON is a manufacturer of handmade ceramic tableware and living accessories combining Gold Grinding Inlay, a ceramic surface decoration technique, which is a modern reinterpretation based on Korean traditional inlay techniques. It has been developing porcelain tableware and living props based on this technique. JIWOON is also developing high-end, high-value ceramic products for those who enjoy art and culture in daily life while sipping a cup of tea.

All of its products are handicraft art products rather than mere industrial products, and they are produced with a focus on the meaning of crafts in order to present an aesthetic and cultural sense without focusing only on the usability as containers and tableware.

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