Ceramic Tableware


Nam Hee Kim Ceramics is an artistic dishware brand that serves functional and aesthetic purposes as well as operating a handicraft workshop developing glaze in various colors through handmade molding and handwork

Based on the theme of “Beauty of Things that are Fading Away,” Nam Hee Kim Ceramics expresses emptiness and loneliness that is inherent in all things through colors and aims at producing tableware equipped with proper uses and beautiful exteriors.

Its representative design products include an Afternoon Tea Tray Set and Atelier. Atelier, in particular, is made from a thin mold for an expression of shadows in a dark tone of glaze.

The hue and atmosphere from the plates, cups, bowls, and some objects add a depth of space and even a meditative feel to the color of the food it contains with dark shades in harmony with lights.

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