Ceramic Lighting


LILEE Rose Lamp is a light that combines a ceramic unit and LED. It is a ceramic lighting product that is not limited by space s it does not use wires. The name LILEE is a combination of Light and Lee, incorporating the creator’s family name.

In order to stand out from other lighting products apart from the translucency of ceramics as a material, the manufacturer has paid great attention to designs and eventually launched LILEE, a unique ceramic light.

By combining various designs and the functions, the switch has adopted a motif of a leaf so that, when it is switched on, it gathers the light toward the flower with the click sound while the shadow of the round pebble pieces spreads. LILEE Rose Lamp is designed to be a prop that can make daily living spaces more beautiful and entertaining.

Lee Eun Joo specializes in producing premium handmade ceramics such as tableware and object lighting for living space with excellent quality and beautiful colors.

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