Ceramic Tableware


Hexagon is tableware with a modular shape that can be customized for various purposes. Coming in various colors, this product features delicate details including a moderate depth and round corners. It is made by using a self-developed glaze with carefully selected colors to match the trends and is also produced as a limited edition each season. To ensure the product’s stability, this product undergoes annual heavy metal testing as well as safety inspection against radioactivity.

In addition, earth and other raw materials used for making glazes produced in Korea are also carefully selected to manufacture safe tableware. Each series of Kimsunghun Ceramics has been designed to match any occasion as a result of intensive research on modern lifestyles and food culture.

Started in 2006 as a small studio in a suburb of Seoul, Korea, Kimsunghun Ceramics Inc. aims to grow into a premium ceramic brand. Its products boast a harmony of unique design and practicality. Pursuing the highest quality, the company uses glaze developed through its own research and development processes and uses safe raw materials in cooperation with craftsmen with decades-long career experience and young ceramists.

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