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Dental Zirconia Block | Korean Products

December 14, 2018

U&C International has been manufacturing dental zirconia block for dental prosthetic treatment ever since its establishment in 2013. U&C International is currently taking the No. 1 position in the domestic market dominance and is exporting its products with reasonable prices to six nations including China.

U&C International’s dental zirconia block features more outstanding intensity than the existing metal supplement (PFM) and the glass series of ceramic supplement and delivers the same good shape as an almost perfectly natural tooth.

Besides, as it was being designed and processed with the support of CAD/CAM unlike being manufactured by human hands, a more shortened manufacturing process and lower rate of manufacturing defective products are respectively possible, thereby enabling its customers ‒ not only product users such as dental labs, and dental clinics, but also patients who taken a surgical procedure with the tooth manufactured by the company ‒ to feel higher satisfaction than before.

Based upon the current solid loyalty from its customers, which is being acquired through its complete process of reflecting any dissatisfactory requirement of its customers, U&C International is broadening its business scope into areas of nearly all materials and equipment necessary in dental digital system in addition to the current flagship area of dental zirconia block. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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