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Eco-friendly Heat-Insulating Material | Korean Products

December 14, 2018

Ecopowertec Co., Ltd. has ever since it was established in 2014 been professionally committed to manufacturing and installing eco-friendly heat insulating materials for the insulation of high-temperature products in the generating units and various plants.

The 4R insulation blanket is the company’s eco-friendly heat-insulating material, which protects various kinds of high-temperature products such as pipings, flanges, valves, and turbines from outside environment. It delivers superior capacity in tackling temperature loss and in freeze protection, and in the prevention of workers’ safety accidents.

This product is manufactured into an all-in-one of interior and exterior materials on existing equipment or devices in order to ensure resource saving and economical energy use, thereby enabling easy installation and breakup for operators and permitting recycling.

Toward becoming a world-class company in the field, Ecopowertec is serving its customers with innovative technology and superior quality products through ceaseless technology development. And also Ecopowertec. is expanding the selling route of its products into both domestically and overseas.

Ecopowertec plans to supply its customers with highest-quality products by introducing smart factory in line with the 4th industry revolution era and a quality management system in which a series of manufacturing processes ‒ including making data of product drawings, shortening of period for product manufacturing, giving product numbers, and consistent quality management ‒ are being carried out. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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