Korean-Style Coating Booth


The Korean-style coating booth from KaiiGroup is a product that does not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a major factor causing air pollution, at all in its auto repair shop. For this new version product, the existing filter system was changed into a high-temperature plaza/heat circle system, thereby improving the quality of the working environment of the coating booth.

This system is highly impressive in that it improves the adsorption performance of the existing coating booth’s filters including ceiling filter, floor filter, carbon filter, non-woven fabric, etc. This product also ensures superior capability in deodorization and adsorption through improving the surface tension of the activated carbon.

KaiiGroup is considering the rental business and the used product selling business. For these businesses, this company seeks ways to provide the local officers and the managers of coating booth with data containing the monitored air quality in a real-time basis.

Established in 2016, KaiiGroup has been committed to producing and selling Korean-style coating booths, coating booth filters, and coating boxes. This company is moving to deepen the level of its own basic technology toward becoming a world-class company that shows excellence in improving the coating environment.

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