Ultrasonic & Ultra High-Frequency Products


NuRi Technology has been professionally involved in the business of electronic parts and modules since its establishment in 2014. The major areas of its products are classified into antennas, parts for high frequency, ultrasonic sensors, and actuators.

With technologies of materials, circuit design, and piezo driving applied, it mainly produces small-sized products and convergence products. NuRi Technology fully enjoys such advantages in flexibly dealing with various levels of customers’ demands.

NuRi Technology developed such ultrasonic products as sensors for measuring distance, sensors for measuring water level, piezoelectric speakers, and actuators. This company differentiated its products by composing piezoelectric materials, using ultrasonic wave element, and designing of piezoelectric structure.

There are also ceramic chip antennas, and dipole antennas as ultra high-frequency products. For these products, ultra high-frequency materials and low temperature co-fired materials are being used. And technologies of ultra high-frequency circuit design and three-dimensional simulation are being also applied.

NuRi Technology wants to enter the domestic market and overseas market at the same time in order to fully source potential new customers. NuRi Technology aims to grow a specialized parts company that fully copes with the flow of the 4th industry revolution and 5G, based on its technological advantages over rivals. NuRi Technology started to prefer Japan, Germany, and Israel rather than the China market in consideration of price competitiveness.

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