Wearable Sensor Device


INITech Co., Ltd., as a company specialized in developing an energy device based on inorganic and organic composite materials, is mainly producing wearable piezoelectric elements.

INITech’s wearable sensor device is a product manufactured by using a flexible piezoelectric fiber composite material produced by utilizing a piezoelectric ceramic inorganic material and an epoxy organic material.

This wearable sensor device offers superior electric and mechanic performances. And this product delivers such highly differentiated capacity as high durability, flexibility, and shock-resistance than existing similar products. Also, this enables easy forming processing as a piezoelectric device.

As this wearable sensor device permits easy application in design by using a technology enlarging an area, users can utilize this product for various areas as a device having many functions.

As the original technology enabling wearable piezoelectric sensor elements is what it called a new industry that has great growth potentiality to lead the new market of next smart device using the technology of wearable device material parts and IT technology, INITech is also sure to have big potentiality to create and lead the market. INITech once received a reward for its superiority as a technology innovation startup from Gyeongnam-based Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) in 2016, winning recognition for its technological superiority.

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