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December 20, 2018

Yooil Engineering. Co., Ltd., a company that creates eco- friendly hydraulic space, introduced rubber dam technology for the first time in the country, utilized such technology in river purification, irrigation, preventing river desiccation, preventing backflow, reservoir spillway, creating recreational waterfronts, flood management, and small & micro-hydro power plants. The company does its utmost to secure water resources and to realize new paradigms in hydraulic space.
Yooil Engineering possesses technical abilities for pocket dams, tuff booms, and ANP gates that can provide fundamental measures to prepare against climate change, flood and drought damage as well as to protect river environments.
The company contributes to the world’s water resources by achieving the biggest performance among domestic movable weir companies and exporting rubber dams for the first time in the country.

Rubber Dams

Rubber dams can be used in various applications including small & micro-hydro power plants as well as river purification, irrigation, preventing river desiccation, preventing backflow, reservoir spillway, creating recreational waterfronts, and flood management, and contributing to create safe and clean rivers.
Based on skills and experiences accumulated over the past 20 years, Yooil Engineering has completed more than 250 projects in and out of the country, and has shown the biggest construction performance among domestic companies.
Its cutting-edge water level detection system in the rubber dam controls water levels, measuring upper stream water levels in real time and raising or lodging automatically if the water level differs from the usual operational level.
Rubber dams that provide excellent durability can be operated safely even in extreme terrain or weather conditions. Because the height and length are adjustable unrestrictedly, it creates new hydraulic space in rivers with flawless index and contributes to create safer and cleaner rivers.

Pocket Dams

Pocket dams are the best disaster preventive application that can replace sandbags. They can be installed quickly for fast response in urgent situations caused by localized heavy rain, and they can be utilized in various ways including diverse usage such as a trench wall for irrigation or water resource related construction, preventing diffusion of pollutants, and temporary pools for recreation.
It can be installed or uninstalled only with a few people in flowing water without special tools and can be used as a temporary but stable dam in any terrain. As this product is made of strong PVC coating polyester manufactured by domestic technology, it can be reused almost indefinitely for long periods. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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