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December 21, 2018


Since its founding in 1989, its high-quality products, competitive pricing and technical support have made SamHo M-Tech Inc. a leader in the engineering and manufacturer of hydraulic tube fittings, adapters and fluid connectors.
SamHo produces and exports a wide range of tube assemblies and other connector components for automotive manufacturers worldwide. SamHo utilizes the latest CAD, CNC and high-tech manufacturing technologies to provide the highest-quality fittings at the most competitive prices. SamHo offers clients timely delivery and one-stop service with guaranteed quality according to customers’ requests worldwide.
Its global capabilities to supply numerous customer production sites with quality components are a key factor in many areas of its business.

Automotive Fluid Connectors, Machining Parts and Oil Hydraulic Fittings

These parts including automotive fluid connectors, made by high-precision, work and machines are typically used in fuel injection systems, fuel management controls and oil & water fluctuation controls in power train (truck engines) in the USA.
SamHo offers a complete line of SAE standard fitting styles as well as the industry’s widest selection of non- standard configurations. Fitting styles include 37° flare, O-Ring thanswk, NPTF pipe, adapter union and brazed tube fittings. It also provides various kinds of vibra seal work for brass fittings.
SamHo has so many special customized fittings and machined parts for industrial use such as gas hose assembly and lubricant connection. SamHo also specializes in jump size and “special” fittings, maintaining a full line of machining capabilities. It reduces lead times for the design and fabrication of fittings adapted to clients’ special needs.

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