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December 21, 2018

Steady technical development and thorough quality- management from ZIONPRECISION CO. are being performed through self-research and development focusing on product development and provision of rebar processing machinery.
ZIONPRECISION also provides advanced processed rebar products to domestic and overseas construction markets through new product development, and plans to expand the export market for rebar bending machines and cutters to Southeast Asia.
The company expects that this will lead to the development of market channels for heavy equipment parts and solar tracker-slew drive.
For its rebar cutter and rebar bending machine, which are the export items being processed since 2018, the company is expecting the ripple effects of much attention and recuperative powers in the current Indonesian market.

Medium and large-sized Rebar Bending Machine

The company’s medium and large-sized rebar bending machine is used for HD 10-42 rebar and manufactured to be suitable for general and integrated construction.
Its automatic type allows very simple and easy use, not interrupted by electric power, serviceable even with residential 220V. As it can make two types of different angles, the working time can be saved, and the foot switch allows easy and convenient use.

Medium and large-sized Rebar Cutter

For the medium and large-sized rebar cutter, the blade can be used on four sides due to cutting-edge heat treatment and it is very safe with one-touch type, pulling the handle to cut.
Also, the lifespan is long as the inner gear is sealed; noise and abrasion is small as the oil is circulating during rotation; and it is designed not to be overloaded In addition, because it is oil type, adhesion can be solved by pressing the crank even when using after long time storage. The motor is not exposed to rain or snow as it is placed inside the rebar cutter. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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