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December 21, 2018

Established in 2002 as a BMC/SMC material manufacturer, World BMC Co., Ltd. has steadily grown to become a global supplier of solid surface goods and materials.
All of the BMC/SMC materials manufactured by World BMC are UL certified and can be used as raw materials in various applications including building supplies, heavy electrical equipment, BLDC motor casings, and much more.
In 2008, after constant research and development, World BMC successfully developed CMMA, the world’s first and only eco-friendly BMC manufactured without any inclusion of hazardous glass fibers.
With the introduction of CMMA, World BMC has since expanded its business from a raw materials manufacturer to become a solid surface building materials producer as well. Today, World BMC’s products are well received by the construction industry in the Middle East and Southeast Asia as well as the Americas.

CMMA Solid Surface

CMMA (Compound Methyl MethAcrylate) is a brand of World BMC’s proprietary, eco-friendly solid surface. The product line (Acrylic and Polyester Hybrid Solid Surface) includes all molded and ready-made goods, ranging from countertops, to sink bowls, vanity tops and wall and floor panels.
Unlike the slow and labor-intensive conventional solid surface materials where flat sheets of material are formed manually by trained personnel, CMMA is molded into shape by a hydraulic press, thus eliminating the need for manual labor. This product is therefore perfectly suitable for standard-sized mass production.

MMA-100 Solid Surface

MMA (Methyl MethAcrylate)-100 is a 100% acrylic solid surface brand designed and manufactured by World BMC. MMA-100 product line comprises sheet material goods, so it can do custom fabrication. Acrylic solid surfaces’ reliability and usefulness is evident in this product, having the largest share in the solid surface market.
Due to relatively smaller pores on the surface compared with natural stones, acrylic solid surfaces are hygienic and resist bacterial and fungal growth. This is an ideal interior solution for both luxury homes and commercial applications. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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