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DARHANG Dojagi can be used by connecting to bottled water or other beverage containers purchased from convenience stores with its lid equipped with at least two threads in addition to the basic function of storing contents in the bottle.
Designed with the motif of Korean traditional ceramics, DARHANG Dojagi is easy to clean and safe from water spots and deposits. In particular, it can be easily handled with one hand, thereby reducing the chance of accidents while walking in the street. In addition, it keeps the temperature of the content for an extended time and prevents the propagation of germs caused by direct sunlight.

DARHANG Dojagi is registered as a patented technology in six countries including Europe.
DARHANG incorporates the beauty and charm of Korean potteries in DARHANG Dojagi, a portable water bottle that reflects the history and culture of the nation. In particular, the product is made by using combined patented technologies to solve environmental pollution problems caused by disposable PET bottles and straws. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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