Hybrid Cookware


General coating pans are usually free from the problem of food getting stuck to the surface, but their coatings are easily peeled off , thus exposing aluminum to cause harm to one’s health while general stainless steel pans are harmless to the human body but have a disadvantage of foods easily sticking to them.

Cookcell Frypan and Cookcell Wok are equipped with hexagonal grooves aligned in a dotted line on three-layered stainless steel. The insides of the grooves are coated to prevent foods from getting stuck to the stainless steel surface. In addition, the coating is not easily peeled off even when using with other steel kitchen equipment or an acrylic sponge.
Established in 2015, Black Cube Co., Ltd. specializes in producing hybrid kitchenware by combining the advantages of stainless steel and coating pan to produce non-sticking and long-lasting stainless steel kitchenware.
Black Cube is currently exporting its own brand Cookcell and OEM products to more than 25 countries including the USA and China.

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