Eco-Friendly Wood Fiber Products

Eco Apro Eco-Friendly Dishcloth and Eco Apro Eco-Friendly Face Towel have excellent deodorizing and natural antimicrobial power, suppressing the propagation of germs. They can be kept clean just by washing with water, without detergent. These environmental label certified products obtained an Eco-label in 2015.
Eco Apro Eco-Friendly Office Supplies include a PP file folder to arrange, carry, and store documents in their original form. Made of recycled material, this product is easy to recycle and scarcely generates waste during disposal. A4 and A3 size papers can be filed at the same time, while the upper and lower thighs can be fixed at the same time. It has obtained a patent of invention and utility model as well as an Eco-label.
Since 1989, Elite Friends Co., LTD has been producing, distributing, and selling eco-friendly living products and office supplies. In 2016, the company has been certified as a social enterprise for providing job opportunities to women who suffer from long-term unemployment and disconnection of local career. Elite Friends seeks to provide working people with a balance between work and private lives. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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