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Anti-Hair-Loss Solid Shampoo Bar | Korean Products

February 1, 2019

Natural Fermented & Ripened Modam Scalp Primer is effective for various scalp problems such as hair loss, hair growth, itching caused by scalp drying, dandruff and health improvement of the scalp. The natural solid shampoo bar is made from 100% natural ingredients that do not contain chemical ingredients such as surfactants, colorants and artificial fragrances.
It is also made by using 13 kinds of herbal medicines that are good for hair-loss prevention, e.g.Hassuo, Aloe, Moringa, Green tea, Ginseng, etc. The patented fermentation ripening technology separates the toxicity of herbal medicines and further breaks down the particles, maximizing the absorption rate of herbal ingredients.
Natural Fermented & Ripened Modam Scalp Primer is an excellent product for the removal of wastes from hair follicles for essential scalp care. This helps to maintain a healthy scalp condition in normal times
Established in 2013, Modam Korea has introduced a solid shampoo bar that prevents hair loss by using herbal ingredients and foreign herbs with a view to producing products that are not merely cosmetics, but maximizing the efficacy through patented fermentation technology of Korea and the USA.
The company’s core competency lies in the exclusive raw materials and manufacturing know-how of utilizing herbal medicines and various herbs discovered overseas. The products of Modam Korea are available in many countries such as Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, the USA, India, and New Zealand. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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