Natural Handmade Soap & Cosmetics

In modern society, filled with chemical products that cause stress as well as mental and physical discomfort, more and more people are pursuing nature-friendly lifestyles.
Soapublic Natural Aromatherapy Soap consists of fragrant Soft Cold-Pressed Soap consisting of high-grade vegetable oils and aromatic oils and Melt & Pour (MP) Natural Soap.
Soapublic is a brand created to provide products safe from daily exposure to harmful substances in the living environment.
The manufacturer Soapublic has been striving to formulate eco-friendly beauty products that protect people’s health and our environment.
Using the purest ingredients, suitable for all skin types and soothing to sensitive skin, even pregnant women and babies’ skin, its expansive range of products contains therapeutic qualities to treat various skin types, with ingredients that maximize effectiveness for each persons’ unique skin characteristics.

Soapublic’s carefully handcrafted natural soaps contribute to the enrichment of nature and promote healing of the skin and mind. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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