Skincare and Haircare Device

The average lifespan of modern people continues to grow these days. So more people spend their money and time caring for their skin as anti-aging became an essential issue.
M1 is an anti-aging skin care device for home use. Consisting of 4 kinds of head modules, M1 provides six different Modes: Clean; Moisture; Rf Up; Eye Care Ems Up; and Cool. The Ion care removes wastes from the skin and enhances cleaning effect, while RF helps improve elasticity and skin tone and moisturizes the skin. EMS helps improve skin elasticity, making the skin condition healthy by cooling down the skin temperature.

Skinscience Co., Ltd. is the leading Korean company engaged in the field of home beauty devices. The company manufactures and sells IPL hair removal devices and RF (high frequency) beauty devices for home use. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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