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Natural Drugs & Cosmetics | Korean Products

March 11, 2019

Omedi is customized skin care developed to be suitable for individual skin types through research on differences between various skin types
Natural DnC is a home aesthetic functional cosmetics Skin Care containing minerals, enzymes, vitamins and fermented vegetable compounds Skincare that keeps skin healthy and bright by moisturizing the skin and applying various natural ingredients to the skin.
Oblige (premium) for professional use provides velvety texture and health with botanical extracts and vitamins. This professional cosmetic relieves skin problems based on the plant-based innovative biotechnology. soothes and restores the beauty and health of skin with traditional therapeutic experience and up-to-date biotechnology.

Natural Korea Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to research and development of botanical raw materials and ingredients for DIY skincare to produce customized nature-friendly skincare cosmetics for skin health as a prescription solution.
In pursuit of functional improvement and ease of use through integrated or segmented preparations, the company provides practical products at affordable prices and secures product safety by using organic, botanical, herbal and preservative-free ingredients. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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